Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kids & Explosions - Stop-Motion Video

Recently CBCRadio3 asked for submissions for your favourite musical discovery of 2010. As I'd fallen hard and fast for Kids & Explosions Shit Computer around the same time, it was a simple task to shoot off my love...

Here is the stop-motion video I made to re-enact the unveiling of the winner of this contest.
Bonus - includes opening track from Shit Computer.


  1. ha ha. awesome. I heard this bit on the podcast a few weeks back. never put 2&2 together that the stefan was you. thanks to you we now routinely rawk out at work to Everything by Kids & Explosions.

  2. Glad to have brought that drop of joy to another satisfied customer, haha! Congrats on the R3 Search-light entry - always nice to be recognized.