Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hooded Fang (Noon Hour Concert UoG, Oct 31, 2008)

Arriving after the beginning of their set I found the zombie-basketball squad (it was halloween afterall) in the midst of their fine young set. They played all the stuff from their online repertoire and a handful of others. It was pure creative Canadian indie music - right up my alley. Not sounding the same, but akin to Born Ruffians (who incidentally they were playing with the following evening). I ate it up as their drummer handled primary singing duties, and even gave up the drums at one point to allow one of the girls to unsteadily drop the backbeat while he sang and played guitar up front. They had a xylophone (who doesn't these days?) and the 6 piece impressed me enough to request a CD afterwards (which i was disappointed to hear they'd forgotten)

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