Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cadence Weapon, Woodhands (Van Gogh's Ear - Oct 8, 2008)

A unique double bill that seems odd in theory works out quite well when played out in real life. Mind you there seemed to be a bit of a divide in the audience between the two sets.
First up were the electro-indie dance duo, Woodhands, who brought their keytar, synth, drumset and effects up the yahoo. They got a sizeable crowd up front, while drawing in many others from the fringes of the bar to at least stand up and check them out. Dancing ensued. Midway through the set saw a visit from Cadence who nearly burst blood vessels in his forehead trying to spit out a ridiculously paced verse into a mic that was turned down wayy too loww. He even tried singing into the reverb mic without luck, while finishing the verse and then going make some noise by fiddling with Woodhands' board of dials and buttons. After his departure "I wasn't made for fighting!" screamed through the room.
- wanna do it one more time to the extreme, with audio and visual cues, improv
-Dancer closed, and more improv with DJ coop

Cadence Weapon
-shot with dj
-closed with iggy pop cover with woodhands

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