Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh Mother Mom

Mother Mother took to the stage after a lengthy soundcheck. Off the top they played a lot of new stuff which is not quite as quick and catchy as Touch Up, but a lil more complex and enjoyable in a different way. These new ones included the title track to O My Heart which was solid, and I'm pretty sure I've heard them play live before. The Canadian election night crowd was much more raucous than I anticipated (on a Tuesday night no less!) and featured some frat-boy types raising devil-horns and rocking out to everything, including the acoustics. In the latter half of the set there was a stretch of tunes from Touch Up that was solid and included Verbatim. Dirty Town, Polynesia, Body of Years, Touch Up were all excellent. A three song encore followed and was capped off by Oh Ana which I'd been hoping for and though I was already very impressed with the show this made my night entirely satisfactory. 8

Wooden Sky opened as I'd seen them in the past for Two Hours Traffic, and I thought much the same as before. They weren't bad however they just weren't engaging or interesting (which perhaps does make them bad?). A bit of a country feel with some otherwise standard, boring, not-even-rock.

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