Friday, October 15, 2010

Sunparlour Playas (eBar, Oct 14)

The Sunparlour Players are one of those bands. Like Shout Out Out Out Out and The Burning Hell their recorded music is fine and all, but it is the live show where they really take off.

As they were soundchecking I was worried that Guelph had forgotten about this as the eBar seemed to have cleared out to some degree, but when the banjo broke out the crowds came flocking, seeing as we are what singer Andrew Penner described as their pseudo hometown. What better place to kick off an extensive tour?

And kick it off they did.
The raucous three-piece ran through a serious amount of favourites from both of their previous two albums, much to the delight of the attentive and responsive people clapping along up front.

The key difference to the live show seems to be the drumming. Not only is he lined up at the front of the stage along with his bandmates, but Rosie is seriously killer at percussion - multi-talented too! Most tunes saw a xylophone rested on his set being played by one hand while the other manned the drums, and the kick leg kept the beat. He even broke out the accordion a few times.

Dennis celebrated his birthday by accepting a spontaneous outpouring of fan-led 'Happy Birthday', a couple of pints, and then rocking out the guitar and banjo. He even set banged on the "The" kickdrum and cymbal for a few tunes too like Dyin' Today. (The band is still rocking the rattiest looking kickdrums which at one point were painted one-word-per-drum "The" "Sunparlour" "Players".)

Hollerin' and singin' is what Penner does best and last night was no exception. Belting out old favourites like John Had a Bell and a Whistle and If the Creeks Don't Rise from Hymns for the Happy he sure did make us happy. Also give him some creativity points for hanging a windchime from the stem of his instrument, and tying bells to his boots for other songs!

It was a full, energetic and upbeat set but we still wanted more. An encore screamed O'Captain, the movie-soundtrack tune Bless this City and once again a distinctly Sunparlour version of Thunderstruck! Can't wait for the new album sometime next year, and surely a tour to boot.

Sunparlour Players Set List:
Wall Sisters
Battle of '77
Joy in What You Lack
*New Song?* "Your Grandfather"
Point Pelee is the Place to Be
Pacifist's Anthem
If the Creeks Don't Rise
Dyin' Today
John Had a Bell and a Whistle
The Detroit River is Alive

Bless this City

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  1. I'm disappointed I missed Sunparlour Players! I couldn't agree more with the opening paragraph. It's all about the live show!