Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hollerado, Hollerado, Hollerado (PCH, Apr 1)

Hollerado get an A+. While taking in their spectacle in the University of Guelph's basement I considered how this show would grade on Chartattack's annual "CMW Report Cards".

First there was the crowd interaction. If music doesn't work out for them (which it obviously will) then comedy could be a line of work. With cheeky lines and boyish energy they took cracks at everyone from themselves to the Republican party and kept the show rolling for their entire allotted time (and even beyond - playing an extra song beyond their timeslot).

Secondly the music was gosh-darn great. They've got one legit album out, the so-damn-literal Record In a Bag full of great tunes that they played like opener Juliette and Hard Love, but as they proved this does not come close to comprising their entire catalog. It also includes self-professed cheesy sing-alongs, and newly minted songs that are so new they had to pause to remember the chords. (They then ripped through On My Way to Shanghai so loud and fast in the dark that whether or not they got them right it sounded pretty sweet.)

Even the visuals and stage-use were something as the only time you'd take your eyes off the guys standing on top of their drum set or having a dueling guitar circle was when confetti exploded from side stage sending shrieks and cheers throughout the crowd.

Speaking of the young, university audience - they usually don't show much emotion in this notoriously energy-free venue but this set pulled them in. Even before Hollerado invited a Dinosaur Bones member on-stage to drop a freestyle rhyme people were clapping and dancing along.

All told it was a high energy display of party rock rooted in big, classic guitar riffs. If you like the band at all, or like a party, you'll effin' love these guys after a show!

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