Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh, Bijou, Doiron, GLS (et plus) at Hillside

Exciting announcements...

Ohbijou's gloriously lovely songs will sparkle in the Hillside sun this July 24-26.

Julie Doiron is also bringing her equally lovely self to Hillside.

The Great Lake Swimmers, on the heels of the release of another solid effort The Lost Channels will showcase Tony Dekker's wonderful songwriting and guitar plucking. They are no strangers to Hillside, having played Hillside Inside just this past February. (Also have shared a stage with the aforementioned Ohbijou.)

Lindi Ortega from Toronto is slotted to play her acoustic pop on Sunday the 26th.

Skydiggers will be playing their roots-rock at the fest, after 20 years together!

Sam Turton brings his mix of rootsy blues.

Workshop info.. David Woodhead will be running Olifiddle workshops.

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