Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Go Green Go! (Hillside '09)

After a rest-free Friday night camping in Volly Village I was looking for someone to "Wake up my body, Wake up my head." Who better than Guelph's-own, Green Go? With a time slot as the sun hit it's highest point (who am I kidding, there was hardly any sun all weekend) the early-risers hit the Lake Stage Saturday for some synthy excitement. As I entered, the five-piece was blasting though Ghosts of the Future and carried on with You Know You Want It, featuring some blistering instrumental work and a cattle-sized dose of cowbell. The double drums complemented the bass lines and got the enthusiastic crowd boppin'. Next up was the catchy-as-the-common-cold Brains for Breakfast and it slayed! Put On Your Specs, Boy also featured the double drum and further proved that this percussion onslaught is when they hit their stride. In their closing number, opened by Jess' singing, they worked up to a let-loose dance number that took cues from SO4 with the bass line you never want to end, and the teasing near-finish, only to bring the beat back for one more round. When the music did eventually culminate for good it was met with a rousing hometown ovation. Go Guelph, Go Green Go!

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