Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hillside Saturday 2010

Battling on-again, off-again rainstorms Hillside Saturday took a little while to get rolling.
Main Stage packed at sunset for Sarah Harmer

Royal Wood was the first set to really wow the audience, with his earnest songwriting and piano chops (though props should also be given to young locals, The Canned Goods for their dynamite Hillside debut.) Full credit to My Son the Hurricane for doing everything in their collective power to get a party started (and being somewhat successful). The Acorn were solid and Basia Bulat ran through a rain-shortened but pretty string of songs on the main stage. Kudos of the day belongs to Flash Lightnin' who came outta nowhere and floored us all with three-piece rock'n'roll; their set closer (not the much deserved encore number) stands as my favourite single song played so far this weekend. The anticipation for closers Japandroids was palpable as all levels were cranked to 11 and the place went off with the first legitimate mosh-pit I think I've ever witnessed on the island. (Full reviews to come.)
Japandroids "Don't call our music 'minimal'"

Whatta day, and with tomorrow's sun acts like Shad, Shapes and Sizes, Stars, Corb Lund and Holy Fuck plus a whole lot more are gonna shine!

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