Thursday, July 29, 2010

Opening up the Canned Goods (Hillside '10)

It was early Saturday when The Canned Goods took to Hillside's stage. Never too early for some good rock though is it? This local Guelph four-piece is young in age only as their musical stylings hearken back to classic rock roots in a way that compliments them very well. Unphased by a mainstage billing they appeared cool and composed while their instrumentation and vocals came across loud and clear. Songs were well written and dynamic, including decent guitar solos which always makes me a happy blogger. The only telling sign of their newness was that they only used two-thirds of their allotted time, presumably running short of polished and completed songs to play. When the only complaint is "we wanted more" you're doing something right! All that means is that there's more incentive to get another dose at their next show and eagerly await mighty things from this band with a future.

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